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Partners and Principals

Neal Shikes

Managing Partner


Neal J. Shikes has over thirty years of experience in the Financial Services Industry and an expansive network. His extensive experience and expertise includes:  

. DOL and ERISA Fiduciary Standards Consultant to Retirement Plans

. Breaches of Trust/Fiduciary Duties

. Retirement Plan Forensics 

. Expert Witness Services

. Subject Matter Expertise

. Fintech Consultant (Financial Planning Software, CRM, Reporting)

. Portfolio Construction

. Wealth Management

. Investment Products (including Insurance/Annuity Products)

. Clearing/Back-office Operations

. Business Model Transformation 


. Managing Partner/Founder, Prudenza LLC: ERISA Class Actions, Fiduciary Duty, Settlement Negotiations

. Thornapple Associates, IncAnalytic and testimonial expert witness services in connection with trials, arbitrations and regulatory proceedings, fiduciary expert

. Guest Writer:,,,,, 

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